Sunday, April 3, 2016

How to Make Your Own Baby Food

When it comes to your baby's health and nutrition it is so important to get as close to nature as you possibly can.

There are many lines of baby food that is on the market. However, I want to expose moms like you to another alternative, making your own baby food.

The benefit is that you know what is in it. There are no added chemicals and preservatives. It is also cost effective to make your own baby food as opposed to buying small $1.20 bottles of baby food. That equals  a little over $33 a week. Which is then $134.40 per month on the conservative side.

Making baby food is really easy! All you need to do is get fresh fruits and veggies, wash, peel (optional), steam/boil, puree!

I like to take a batch of carrots, clean them, (6-8carrots) boil them, and puree them. A bag of organic carrots at my store costs less than $2.50 for lb which I can make the equivilent of 10 store purchased jars baby food. Saving my family a lot of money 25 cents per jar versus $1.20 a jar!! You do the math!

You can use the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System to do it. Or you can use your small food processor. \

Storage of homemade baby food

I like to store the baby food in small glass mason jars or silicone baby molds. Like the green one in the picture below. You can always freeze the extra for a later date!

Click the picture below for more info on this baby food storage option!!!

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